Sunday, December 2, 2007

Check Out The Network

The "Network" is a new feature that Ryan Kopf has been working on to help people keep in touch with him, and with the campaign. You can read about it »here«. It's got some excellent features that are being updated daily. People can send messages back and forth through the service, find other locals, and much more all for free.

Some of the features are still temporarily lacking, but it looks like they're being worked on. For example, searching isn't top quality yet. Adding friends is lacking too. But you can send messages with ease and even get email alerts when new things happen. We encourage you to try it out!

Why Choose Ryan For Mayor of Muscatine?

Choosing the right person for a task as important as being Mayor of Muscatine might be tough for some people. Often people compare experience to the future. But new ideas are the only way to bring a city into the future, and squash those continually rising taxes.

New Ideas
New ideas include utilizing new technology, giving young people more to do, and focusing on drug prevention. These are just a few of the many goals of my campaign.

Old Ideas
We aren't going to ignore the same old problems that everyone will always face either. We'll keep infrastructure up, ensure that we have quality roads, and make sure the government is an easy one to communicate with.